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The Peel Centre, Skimped Hill Ln, Bracknell RG12 1EN, United Kingdom

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Missey Moo

I Wanted to buy a new phone and as our local store has limited stock drove all the way to Bracknell branch last week Friday (two towns away. I Walked around for some time before any staff approached me to help with the purchase. I Was told that most of the staff are unwell and that only certain staff are trained to sell the mobile phones in store. The staff couldn’t even open the storeroom to sell the phone to me. I was advised to come back on Saturday or Sundays as this is when the phone advisor is in store . However I explained that due to my job role I couldn’t do weekends. I then enquired when the staff member that deals with the phones will be back - I was advised Monday between 13:00-20:00. When I arrived today 17.1.22 it was 15:30 and advised again by another staff member that the phone representative is not in until 16:00. I advised the staff member of Curries that previously I was told to come back on Monday and that the “phone Guy” will be on duty. The staff member apologised and asked who gave me the incorrect details - I mentioned the staff members name and I was advised that he would say something about the wrong information provided when this particular staff member was next in. As this was my 3rd attempt to buy a phone from this store I decided to persevere and went off for a hot drink and to sit down due to not being able to stand for long periods. Just as I walked away and went around another aisle to exit the store I noticed the same staff member was actually on duty so the manager had no intention of following up the complaint. I returned to the store at 17:30 and now there was 5 people in line waiting to be served by one phone advisor - laughable! I stood in the queue and eventually my son had to go and collect a staff members chair as this was taking some time. In the meantime there were other staff members standing around chatting on their phones and they were not really interested in the customers that were in store. Eventually the phone staff member who is apparently the only person Who is allowed to sell phones served us. I wanted purchase a phone, a cover and a screen protector. I was told that there is no stock in the store room but that the phone can be sent out to me . I was happy for the phone to be delivered but just as I took out my cash to make payment the phone advisor told me that all the phones Are actually out of stock and they don’t know when stock will be in store again. Then he offered me another phone which was a bit more expensive. At this point I was totally exhausted due to my disabilities and just wanted to get out of the useless store. This was a total waste of petrol my precious time and The Bracknell Curries is one of the worst customer experience one could ask for. I found another post and review online by Matt Miller and I totally agree. “COVID survivors... Why did this chain have to remain. Every visit is a soul sapping endurance test. All the staff just cannot be bothered, awful attitude, just playing on thier phones the whole time, all clustered together chatting and it seems you're bothering them by asking for something, body language just tells you they don't want to be there. Never any stock in either. Every time it's "we have to order it in" why have a shop if you don't have any stock. Please can the grim retail destroying reaper, take this place of the map. Beyond salvation”. I had several things I needed to get on with today and another day lost due to Curries …total waste of time ….All the staff just cannot be bothered, awful attitude, just playing on thier phones the whole time, clustered together chatting as if they in a lunch break. When also asking about a printer the same attitude …seems you're bothering them …body language just tells you they don't want to be there.Never any stock in either. Every time it's "we have to order it in" why have a shop if you don't have any stock! If you’re thinking of going to this store to buy something rather go online and serve yourself.

Mat Dodol

Helpful staff. Had a decent vacuum at the right price for us (had a budget but undecided on the brand or model). Easy and free parking. Would have given 5 star if they had stocked both 2 colours available. As it was, our less-liked colour only in stock.

Alan Clark

We went to buy a vacuum cleaner and they had various ones on show, the customer service was very good and explained the difference between models. Unfortunately the one we wanted was out of stock.

Vi Strutton

Abysmal...... Went in to purchase an integral fridge/freezer. None in store was shown what was available on line. I would prefer to see the actual appliance before purchasing. Therefore Currys you just lost a sale. Saying that the young lady that we spoke to was helpful.

Laura Capes

Took my granddaughters laptop to be repaired almost 4 weeks ago. I called in last week and was told they were still waiting for it. Called in again yesterday as I still have not heard anything about it and it hasn't even left the store yet. Still sat in a plastic tub at the back of the shop waiting to be picked up!!!!! I had to give one star to be able to post. Would prefer to give none...


Currys at (Bracknell Forest)
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