David Lloyd Royal Berkshire (Gym)

Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell RG12 7PB, United Kingdom

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I signed up for a two week trial with the hope that this could become my permanent club. I am mostly interested in swim and sauna sessions, and was very disappointed when I got out of the pool and couldn’t get into the spa section, and was told the trial didn’t cover this. This makes no sense if you’re trying to get people to experience and fall in love with your club! Also an important note that spas were listed as a feature on the trial web page, so very much false advertising. My first time here should have been flawless but it was far from so I’m not sure if I’ll be coming back. I was also disappointed with the cleanliness level of the showers - it was clear that they don’t get cleaned regularly and certainly not thoroughly.

Dami Olutogun

I have been a member of David Lloyd Royal Berkshire since May 2021. I paid for an annual Platinum membership. At the time I joined, this membership was the highest tier and allowed me access to other David Lloyd clubs save one - somewhere in Central London. I came to find out about 3 months ago that there is now a 'Diamond membership' band; which offers the same access to facilities as the Platinum pass I paid for (and costs the same per month as the Platinum when I paid!). I contacted David Lloyd - the first time, I was told that my membership will only give me the current level Platinum access and I will need to pay an additional fee to get the Diamond access (the fact that when I paid, there was no Diamond and I paid for full access doesn't seem to count 'currently'). I responded to seek clarity on how I can get the access I paid for - I have since hit a brick wall. I have sent 3 follow-up emails, but no response! It is very disappointing - when I was about to join, the communication was lightening quick and they couldn't be more friendly and supportive - since then it's been terrible! Surely, the management of DL wouldn't want that reputation. In addition, I forgot an expensive shaver there - the cleaner confirmed he handed it to reception and yet, the folks at reception lost it! In my opinion, that is unprofessional because it shows a lack of duty of care. In any case, I most certainly won't be renewing my membership next year. Why is there such a disconnect between communication received during the sales period and that when you are a member. To ignore 3 of my messages is unacceptable and totally unprofessional. All-in-all, it's a good club - but be fully aware that once you are a member, you may be be ignored if you have an issue - no matter how minor.

leanne moreland

Good gym and facilities. A nice spa for a gym with a small variety of saunas/steam rooms and a large indoor and outdoor jacuzzi bath. Only downside was that is it very busy/noisy, especially in the evenings. Therefore, nice for a catch up with a friend or post workout chill but not as a relaxing experience in itself.

Mark Barker

Exceptional club. Well run. Responsive management. Excellent spa facilities that are carefully monitored. Staff in clubroom attentive and fast. This club should be a benchmark for the group. Even better than Hampton and that's saying a lot.

Nick Pitt

To say I am disappointed by my visit to this club is an understatement. I am a member of David Lloyd Swindon and I use the club daily for business and pleasure. After feeling stressed and in need of another change of scenery to relax and unwind. My friend told me all about the spa area at this club, so I decided to fill the car up and drive to Bracknell for the afternoon. I arrived and my first impressions of the club were good, due to being a platinum member and I was able to enter the club with ease. I got changed and went round to the spa area, I was then told I wasn't able to enter due to being a member of another club I was unable to enter. There was no other spas or relaxation facilities so I had no choice but to either drive around the area to another club or just go back to Swindon. I drove back to Swindon as I couldn't be bothered to waste any more time. Very poor communication on what we actually get for our platinum membership and a waste of an already stressful afternoon, not to mention the £20 wasted on fuel.


David Lloyd Royal Berkshire at (Bracknell Forest)
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