The Crown Wood Medical Centre (Medical Center)

4A, Off Crown Row, Opladen Way, Bracknell RG12 0TH, United Kingdom

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David Bosch

I'm not one for writing reviews however feel the need to say something. I've had many GPs over the years and alway felt like a person and not just a name/number, this is how I feel by the staff apart from Dr. Rao of CMC. My 14 year old son whom has been suffering for months now with a sore neck, was initially told to take Ibuprofen, so we did and this has not helped as it's temporary relief, our 2nd visit we were told to stop with Ibuprofen and use a localised Ibuprofen gel, which again is temporarily. We had an appointment to see the physio 2 weeks later which was cancelled/rescheduled (another 2 weeks) the night before his appointment and 1 hour before his rescheduled appointment got another call to say the therapist doesn't see children under 16 years old. What has age got to do with it when my son is just shy of 6 foot tall and still in pain. Where is the care and due diligence to patient care? Needless to say I'm not happy and will be persuing other advice.

joyce west

I work at a different Drs Surgery in the area and I view Crown Wood as an excellent Drs otherwise I would not be there. All staff are always polite and extremely helpful and getting a call back from this practice is within a good time frame. Working for the NHS I see how stressed and stretched we all are, there is only so much that can be done within a day and we try to get as much done as possible. We should be grateful for the NHS and what they are able to do instead of being negative, imagine life without the NHS.

Bernie Cardoz

Have been with Dr. Rao for years and he’s brilliant. But since he was not in I was put on a call to another Dr. Rashid. First of all she calls before my allotted time slot. If I had not been at home would have missed the call. Only because I was luckily at home I could take the call. Not ready to listen properly to the problems of the patients. Seems like she was in such a rush that she had to finish her call in 5 minutes. Not professional and friendly at all and that’s not the way to behave with your patient. She just asked a few questions and said ok fine bye and ended the call. Not happy with this service at all. Have booked again to speak to Dr. Rao as he’s more polite and patient while talking to his patients

Gaye Woodage

Been with Dr Rao for years. Always very pleasant and kind. Listens to what you have to say and is happy to put you in for scans/x rays etc if you're worried about a health problem that won't go away. I've had many a problem eased with piece of mind after being referred for tests. I've ALWAYS been able to get an appointment that day and I believe Monday's are open late. Never had a problem in all the years I've been there.

Ryan Bates

Dr Rao was the first doctor I've ever seen who took my mental health seriously. No stupid clichéd sayings, just questions about my wellbeing, a few questionnaires and a referral the same day. I also love that the clinic is open late on Mondays and I've never had an issue getting an appointment when I need one.


The Crown Wood Medical Centre at (Bracknell Forest)
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