Bright Horizons Bracknell Day Nursery and Preschool (Nursery school)

Wokingham Rd, Bracknell RG42 1PN, United Kingdom

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Opinions of Bright Horizons Bracknell Day Nursery and Preschool at (Bracknell Forest)

Daniel Hancu

Really great nursery, very loving staff. Last few weeks Eddie started to cry a lost each morning after 3 months break but the staff was so lovely and kid with Eddie. He has learnt a lot. Staff are very carrying and taking their job very seriously, combining learning with playing. Just one thing not happy, not happy with the new manager, she's not helpful at all when comes with most of the questions, like payment etc. One day the child came with the head full of sand and we asked the nursery just to pay more attention, but the manager asked us if we want they to stop my child to play in the sand with other kids, instead of helping him to get clean. This is just one example why I don't like the new manager. Everything else is great.

Marisa Sgattoni

My son has attended Bright Horizons Bracknell for around 18 months, starting when he was just over three years old and in that time he has forged relationships with other children, developed his social skills, he already loved books, but find he varies his selection now, enjoyed exploring the garden (this is his favourite area to play in) and learned a lot through play, especially building train tracks and using the computer. Now he is approaching 5yrs old the teaching has focussed more on preparing him for reception, through learning to write, learning to add simple numbers, recognising words and numbers etc and together with work we do at home, he has really picked up on this area. He has formed a lovely bond with his teaching assistant Steve, so we feel there is a very personal touch when receiving feedback about Robbie. I can highly recommend this nursery to any parent, your child will be in safe hands.

Nikki Gardner

My eldest went to Bracknell Day Nursery and Preschool for 3 years and loved it. My youngest has now been there for over a year and also loves it. The staff are brilliant with the kids and are friendly and approachable with the parents. The facilities are great and the staff do lots of activities with the kids to keep them entertained, but also providing learning opportunities. There is a good outdoor space which is well used. The management keep us informed with regular newsletters covering all aspects of the nursery and Preschool. Both of my children have learnt so much during their time at the nursery and we've been happy to leave them in their care.

Beatriz Balza

My children enjoy coming to Nursery. Professional staff with passion about childcare. Lovely environment with lots of spaces to play and develop.

Kersti Ludvig

Both of our kids go there, couldn't wish for a better set up :)


Bright Horizons Bracknell Day Nursery and Preschool at (Bracknell Forest)
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