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Berkshire, 107 Liscombe, Bracknell RG12 7DE, United Kingdom

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An awful taxi service with even worse customer service. Booked a cab for NYE and was quoted a price online, they called me the next day and said fair online was wrong and that price would be more. No complaints. They had taken the money out of my account for the first booking which was as expected but the cab never arrived, said it was cancelled. Not by me, by them. I received a refund but was charged a cancellation fee of £5.50. Why am I paying a cancellation fee when you guys cancel the cab? Try to get in contact via email and it took 6 days to respond I get a generic email saying there is a cancellation fee. Why on earth would your customer pay a cancellation fee if YOU cancel the cab. Will not being using this service again.

William Smart-Junger

AVOID, will never use again. I had a late flight and a long day so I ordered the car well in advanced - a month. The driver arrived 30 minutes late, with no apology or arrival message explaining a delay. After I called to ask if they were coming, the driver then called me and asked me to walk to a collection point. He then drove to the easiest exit for him to leave parking, when he could have easily drove to me. Very false small talk and care. Felt as though the driver had a real attitude. Asked for cash, pretty sure they would have taken card. Asked if small change was ok in return, pretty sure he had the notes. I think you get the drift ... On drop off, stopped by the side of the road (because it was convenient for him) and didn't get out to help with luggage.

Georgia Butcher

No covid precautions, rude driver. I had a restaurant booked so pre booked a cab leaving 45 mins for a 25 minute journey so we’d definitely be on time. The driver arrived 20 minutes late with no apology, then when we got to Reading, he kept going to wrong way making us even more late for our booking and then told us that he should have stayed at home today as if it was our fault. Worst part of it is that he wasn’t wearing a mask even though we all did as per the rules. I contacted A1 cars to complain but was ignored. They don’t care about covid or customer service, they made us late and made no effort to apologise for any of it - avoid at all costs

Roxanne Pickett

Used a few time for airport drop offs and booked in advance. Text confirmation for peace of mind and always punctual. Fare confirmed in text too. Driver 52 (as per the text, Scottish guy) in the burgundy Skoda was great, I was doing a last minute booking for a hotel and he gave me some tips which far outweighed my own research! Will use again.


The taxi was late by 25 minutes that I ordered the previous day. Unprofessional phone handling, unreliable service.


A1 Bracknell Taxis | Bracknell Airport Transfers | Bracknell 24/7 local Taxi at (Bracknell Forest)
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