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S W Coast Path, Charmouth, Bridport DT6 6QX

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Josh T

The staff are miserable and created this absolutely depressing atmosphere in here. We waited in line for 15 mins for an ice cream. They were going at a snails pace. When we finally got in did I realise how awful of a vibe it was in here. I wanted nothing but to get out of there as soon as possible. They were giving a deaths glare and just sheepishly served. I get everyone has bad days but judging by the reviews of others this is not a once off occurrence. The staff need to be replaced or be given a pay rise. Anything to get this to feel like less of a morgue and more of a Cafe. On another note. The ice cream and items here were atrociously expensive. I know in a beach touristy zone it is like that. But this was far more expensive than is acceptable. Summary, would not and will not come back here again if I am ever in the area. And I would recommend others do not either


How nice it was to be able to pop into the Beach Cafe on our visit to Charmouth today. Due to Covid it was my first visit since Sept 2019 with my profoundly autistic daughters who is now in her 30's. As things had changed quite a lot to comply with rules for everyone's safety my daughter became quite confused, but the staff were so kind and patient with her, and helped redirect her to where we were allowed to sit etc. It was really nice to see Sally again too and have a quick chat. Thank you very much and hope to see you all again very soon.

Becky Rose

My bacon sandwich and cuppa were gorgeous..lovely friendly staff.fantastc place..can't wait to visit again.

Andrew Harrison

I expected it to be more expensive than other places we could go but come on, daylight robbery. £1.80 for a can of fizzy drink? I paid £13.50 for can of pop, kids juice, soggy sandwich, vegan slice and a soggy oat cake. I usually take a picnic but went to this beach last minute. I recommend going to the beach hut cafe further down if you have to buy on the beach.

Joe Hunter

0 star if one was available! Good reason too... - AVOID TEMPTATION - 09:02 - All doors open, staff visible and setting up the chairs and sauce pots etc. I observed the 'Closed' sign on the door, but thought to ask when they were opening (as there was no display of operating hours). I poked my head in the entrance and said "excuse me, what time are you opening today?" ... as one of the ladies looked at her watch, the elderly "fossil-like gentleman" that wasnt 'gentle' muttered under his breath, "when we're ready". Unfortunately for him, I heard him clearly. I went on to state to him that it was unnecessary for him to say such a comment and I was not accepting his sarcasm (especially when the world seemed so wonderfully perfect I.E. coastal perfection, beautiful sunny day and a calm atmosphere) - all I wanted was a nice breakfast and drink! Afterwards, I decided to leave and not give the cafe any of my custom. So disappointing and extremely dissatisfied with the lack of care at the ease of inviting people to their wonderful location. I asked a very simple and understandable question, this surely only requires a simple response. For all I knew, they may have been preparing to open at lunchtime!? I am pretty sure the man in question worked in the fossil shop attached directly next to the cafe. My advice to this chap and more for the cafe staff is to keep him locked up in the cabinet with the other fossils! Maybe that way, nobody will detract away from an idealistic setup for many within the catering world. Perhaps its his toxicity that is disheartening the cafe staff! - hence the other reviews that read about miserable staff etc.


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