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Squires Court, Bedminster Parade, Bristol BS3 4BX, United Kingdom

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Ana Perez

Very disappointing service, We bought our bed and we were promised that Top Brand Beds had an evening delivery service option. We agreed to pay half of the value in advance (by credit card) and the rest upon delivery. After we paid, the manager told us that they will get in contact with us in two or three days to agree the date and hour of delivery. After seven days with no response I contacted them asking about our purchase and received no action from their side. The next day I got in contact with them again and they replied stating that they will deliver the bed two days later. At this moment I clearly stated to them that delivery has to be from 6PM onwards as I was out for work. They answered that they couldn’t deliver this late, I asked when it was going to be, and again - no response. That was until they called me two days later around noon saying that they were almost at our house and had no advice on where to drop the package. I kindly told them that I couldn’t receive the bed as I clearly stated previously because we would be out for work. After this misunderstanding they made no further contact with me. I got back in contact with them again to finalise when would the delivery be. They replied requesting to deliver the next day, to which I replied asking at what time - no answer again from their side. The next day I got in contact with them AGAIN asking kindly when the estimated time of delivery was expected and they replied stating that would be between 3PM and 5PM – again difficult for us as we were working. I then received a call that day around 12:45PM stating that the truck was 7 minutes away from my house. I had no choice but to interrupt my work and go to receive the bed. I was not happy with this. The drivers then told me that they ONLY take cash for the second half of the payment so I could not use my card. I had to go to a cash machine escorted by the delivery team to pay them. This is not acceptable. The only reason I purchased the bed from Top Brand Beds was because of the evening delivery option – which has now cost me half a day’s wages, and severe embarrassment being escorted to a cash machine to pay up! We are highly disappointed with Top Brand Beds, we were lied to (and therefore deceived) into buying something that we could not receive when desired, we were given incorrect delivery details hindering our work schedules and therefore our income, and the general lack of communication from customer services has let their organisation down.

becky roberts

Helpful but long wait for mattress and had to chase

William Thomas

Not shop in there

Roger Townley

Radoslav Grudlev


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