The Lanes (Bowling alley)

22 Nelson St, Bristol BS1 2LE, United Kingdom

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Tom Hazeldine

Went to play some pool in mid- Dec. It's endearingly scruffy with a lively but unpretentious atmosphere. There was a nice mix of people in there and a good selection of beers. Some massive, fresh pizzas were brought out to a big group near us which smelt great. The staff were lovely - friendly and helpful. Just a shame the white ball on our pool table had been nicked and they didn't have a spare. The lads playing pool next to us said their bowling lane had broken. I'd go back provided I'm in the mood to go with the flow!

Darryn McGuire

The staff are friendly. The music has been great. The smoking area is dope too. And obviously bowling - sick. But the layout is awful. The bar is right next to the stage & bowling access and it gets savagely crowded. And you end up with people trying to dance clashing with people trying to force their way to the front to get drinks or make their way over to the bowling so what should be a dance floor is a maelstrom of people going in different directions. Its not unusual for many venues, its just particularly bad here when its even slightly busy. (I've experienced it every time I've gone there for music.) Also their beer is sometimes hit & miss. I switched from bitburger to an IPA to another lager in search of a decent beer and each were not good and tasted a bit weird. Not ideal when you're paying a premium for a pint. Other than that, it does host some great music and is an institution. Its just a shame the 'new' layout makes it a bit of a nightmare on busier nights.

Rebecca Harvey

We had a great time bowling. Everything is a little retro, but this adds to the laid-back atmosphere. Staff were friendly and the bar offered lots of choice. Would have given 5-stars if the cleanliness had been better. For mid-afternoon the toilets were pretty dirty, plus the seating areas could do with being cleaned between bowling groups as ours was very sticky. Other than that it was a good bit of fun.

steve bradshaw

Great fun, friendly people and excellent value for money. Pizzas are great and the bowling alley very good. However the karaoke room smelled like a urinal and needs to be cleaned and a window opened.

Felix Lewis

The staff was not very nice with me and my friends and it was most likely for the fact that as we are young (17/18) they didn't expect us to actually write a review like this. We weren't any trouble and the staff seemed very suspicious of us despite the fact that when we were told we couldn't get alcoholic drinks (which is completely fair enough as we weren't all 18) we were totally ok with it and just ordered soft drinks instead but the staff still seemed suspicious of us and didn't really want us there. The staff were rude and talked down to us despite us having a pre booked bowling lane and being the least troublesome group there and it was clearly because they just saw us as some annoying teenagers despite us being polite and obiding by the rules.


The Lanes at (City of Bristol)
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