B&Q Bristol - Hartcliffe (Do-it-yourself shop)

1, Imperial Retail Park, Bristol BS13 7TJ, United Kingdom

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maly owoc

I been in this B&Q yesterday. I check on the website that it should be 65 items that I wanted. I asked one Lady where can I found it, she send me to another Lady. She checked shelves with me (I done it before I asked her for help). Said there are none i ln stock. I explained her that the website shows qty of 65 and can she check it in the system. She told me a story about forklift damaged whole pallet. I didn't believe her so I went to click and collect. Nice lady checked it in the system, took long ladder and pick up the item that I wanted. Lazy first Lady didn't bother to use computer and ladder to give me what I wanted. Ask couple people before you exit the shop without item you want.

Keith Williams

Found everything I was looking for. However, when I came out I found that another one of your customers had blocked me in and I had to wait for him to come out and move his car before I could proceed! I know your staff don't have police powers but could the outside staff advise ignorant people who do this kind of thing to be more considerate!

Daniel Groves

Helpful staff but they seem to lack the items I wanted. Great if I wanted some fashionable drift wood or a pack of 22 toilet rolls but I went for wood, bolts and screws. When I asked for help I was told to try Screwfix.. this isn't the first time B&Q have told me I'd be better off going to Screwfix for what I needed... Very strange way to run a hardware store.

Gary Spouncer

Good selection of products ..helpful staff ..rrasonable prices ..nuff said

Janet Brook

It's a long time since I visited a DIY shop. I was looking for a very small item. It took three requests of staff before I was given the correct aisle! Wasted a lot of time.


B&Q Bristol - Hartcliffe at (City of Bristol)
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