Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre (Leisure centre)

Queen Anne Terrace, Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre, A603, Cambridge CB1 1NA, United Kingdom

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Adam Scrivner

Kelsey Kerridge has been a part of my routine for a number of years now and previously I would always look forward to training there. Over the last couple of years, however, I find myself consistently and increasingly disappointed with the place. Yes, the facilities are generally good, offering a reasonably comprehensive selection of activities and equipment in two separate gyms (plus courts, climbing wall, classes etc.) at an affordable price, but the last couple of years it is overall a much less pleasant place to visit. The freeweight gym in particular is in dire need of some attention: weight plates and bars are generally strewn across the floor, and where bars are left conveniently on benches or in squat racks, they will generally be (inconveniently) left loaded, thus will require unloading when you wish to use them. The bars are never cleaned; liquid chalk and skin deposits thickly coat the knurling of the power bars (at other gyms bar cleaning with a wire brush is part of routine maintenance and takes a few minutes per week) which is just nasty. On the plus side the clientele are as varied and friendly as ever which is why I still train there. Having been kindly asked to add a comment on Covid-19 safety I will say that there is a sign on the wall in the stairwell approaching reception requesting that customers wear a face covering when moving around the facility (this is encouraging). Marginally less encouraging is the experience of actually entering the reception area to find staff members standing side-by-side (social distancing, anyone? Just need to add wine and cheese to make it a proper work meeting) and generally maskless (in fairness the older staff members are more likely to be masked, whereas the younger [whether through wilful non-compliance or simple lack of comprehension, bless, judge for yourself] tend not to bother). The theatre of hand-cleaning and equipment-wiping is certainly well-catered for, although the effectiveness of this in combating the spread of an airborne pathogen is of course somewhat questionable (there's a great piece by Emmanuel Goldman in the Lancet about why surface cleaning is a waste of time for prevention of Covid-19 transmission, Google it), although it's always nice to have clean equipment and it's hugely important to be seen to be doing your bit even if you can't quite manage to pop on a face covering. The door to the otherwise completely unventilated freeweights gym is often left open, although I went in on Thursday to find it closed, making the room entirely unventilated (although the air conditioner was on, circulating the stale air around the room nicely. Despite rather enjoying the scent of maximum effort and Lynx I opened the door). Upstairs (the excellent Outlooks gym) is usually much better: the sliding patio doors are often left open, making the gym very airy and well ventilated, although even now it is not uncommon to find all of these sliding doors closed, despite the obvious risk to health (obvious of course assuming that one has followed the last 21 months of news coverage). Plus I suppose that some people feel the cold more than others. During the summer the doors to the stairwells were propped open, facilitating airflow through the building, although for the last few weeks the tendency is to find them closed. I have used gym facilities that are better ventilated, and also that are less well ventilated. Hopefully this is helpful.

w h a t w a s t h a t

Staff at Kelsey Kerridge absolutely made my evening (Tuesday 18th Jan 2022) I was greeted at reception by attentive, friendly, polite and patient staff. After a few questions about our experience levels, we were given a run down of the rules and safety precautions. I wasn't in the sunniest of mood upon arrival at Kelsey Kerridge but was all but stopped in my tracks by the effortless A* attitudes of the staff on duty. I made a point to tell them just how welcome i felt and would like to send another thank you to Ian, Dan and Lewis.

Andrew York

Best gym if you’re looking to lift serious weights, also has a girls gym upstairs for if your idea of a workout is sitting on a machine. Bouldering room is great with a friendly community and frequent route changes. Wide variety of classes with a great intermediate yoga session.

Melford Crowe

Great facilities, loads of equipment in both Outlooks and Free-Weights Gym, Cybex, Hammer Strength, Watson. Very clean and no queueing to use any equipment. Also, roof top hot-tub overlooking to Parkers Piece and Sauna.

Thomas Laurent

Convenient in the city centre, but outdated. The lockers in the men's changing room are still only taking the old £1 coin that has been out of circulation since 2015...


Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre at (Cambridgeshire)
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