Amwell Aquatics (Pond supply store)

Northfield Business Park, Northfield Rd, Soham, Ely CB7 5UE, United Kingdom

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Josh Bartlett

This is a great place with a fantastic selection of bits. Only 4* because at times it can be hard to find someone available to help at times but that is only because they are busy helping others (so not necessarily a bad thing, worth the wait!).


Excellent place! I have been looking for a hang-on-the-back filter for absolutely ages. I know I can get one online so easy but always preferred to support Real people and real shops. I have tried so many places... only a trip way out to Amwell Aquatics did the trick. They have a huge range of goods: with a lot of less commonly available stuff too. Huge thanks to them all.


Very dissappointed. I was highly recommended an expensive substrate that was supposed to be the best and the chap appeared to know all about aquascapes. Turns out the substrate is god awful. It was pre washed but with good filtration any movement makes the water look like milk. And to add I was over charged. 75 quid for three bags and I could of gotten it for less than 60. Not happy. The substrate ruins the look of the tank as when it finally settles it makes everything look dusty. You can't even plant in it as it's so course. I was told this was perfect for a planted aquarium. It's absolutely not. Oynx sand as a reference. They don't know anything about aquascapes in my opinion. Aquarium gardens is the place to go. Wish I'd of gone there first. I also agree with the poor service reviews. They all seem to be too busy to actually listen to questions and give good advice.

Lewis Greenway

absolutely brilliant. Really helpful and knowledgeable staff. Huge selection of ornaments. And some real beautiful fish 5⭐

Shya Draws

Good aquatic shop, selling tropical, marine and cold water fish and everything you need for them. Also sells reptiles and vivarium accessories including reptile food.


Amwell Aquatics at (Cambridgeshire)
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