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Came here for a drink on a sunny day. It was really great to sit outside and enjoy the weather. However, it was a Saturday evening and there was one person serving and a huge line. We stuck it out but many people left. So, I’d advise allowing plenty of time if you have something else on afterwards.

Jennifer Cavill-Frysol

Honestly abysmal - and I went there for a work Christmas lunch hoping to find a new gem to take my husband to! For the work Christmas lunch we went with their £26.95 Christmas offering. On paper it sounded delicious! My selection for starters was (if I recall) "luxury seafood cocktail" - which was a prawn cocktail with an alright, slightly spicy prawn marie-rose sauce, with small prawns and one massive googly eyes prawn staring balefully at you from it's perch atop the wine glass the dish was served in. Salad was a slightly sad affair at the bottom of the glass, a fair portion of the prawns in marie rose sauce. Against my better judgement I ate the prawns which in hindsight I shouldn't have, since they did smell slightly 'fishy' - I would later regret this choice for reasons I will not expand on but will leave to your imagination. The big prawn went uneaten as I hate dealing with those things and I wasn't going to risk eating it. Main course was served slightly warm, I had the nut-roast which I enjoyed - it was mainly mushroom however. The veg was sadly over cooked and mostly cold. The roast potatoes were burnt. Dessert was... well I had the cheese board, which was a selection of the cheapest most plastic cheese available from a Tesco's Christmas selection box with some crackers and some fruit attempting to make it look classy. Port was belatedly placed on the table (which came with it) - unfortunately I'm unable to drink alcohol at the moment so I can't tell you which port it was. Other diner's desserts looked equally uninspiring - the pineapple one didn't get the tipple that was supposed to go with it. Usually I'd big up service, but... the service wasn't good either. We had to ask 3 times for a pitcher of water and otherwise the waiter wasn't really around at all. Again I couldn't sample the 'free' bubbly. Also, Lorenzo's will not take card payments under £10 - nor do they have much in the way of non-alcoholic substitutes. Sorry guys - I went to the Cawdors in Llandeilo for a Christmas meal (2 courses for £30) and it was top notch, this meal wasn't worth what we ponyed up (£26.95!) - this was a well under £20 job!

K Peniket

Very disappointed last Friday evening as we entered the premises an overwhelming smell of sick was very apparent, couldn’t breath the smell was that bad and had to leave immediately. Tried again later that night and sadly the smell seemed worse!! How people who were sat in there put up with it I’m really not sure! I’d be willing to help them rid this awful smell as I love this entertaining cocktail bar.

Ioan Berry

Awful service and misleading menu! The manager was very arrogant and didn’t apologise for the poor service! They advertise 85 different gins but the manger said 95 and after asking for 5 different gins I settled for a pint of lager! As they didnt have the gin I asked for, he said we don’t have every gin in the world! I said that they were on his menu and his reply was, we’ve been busy it’s like a bank holiday but it’s not!! 😂😂 then he said he asked a shop for a size 10 pair of trainers and didn’t kick off as they didn’t have them?!! 😂 avoid them like the plague it’s not the first time we’ve had poor service there!! Would never recommend to anyone!!!


We had booked as a large group, we pre ordered 2 weeks before and still my food was inedible. The starter was rubbery and far too salty and the main had been reheated too many times. Very disappointed!


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