Congleton Parish, St. Peter's Church (Anglican church)

Chapel St, Congleton CW12 4AB, United Kingdom

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Where is Congleton Parish, St. Peter's Church?

Opinions of Congleton Parish, St. Peter's Church at (Cheshire East)

Jan Wright

While the church is a nice old church that cant be said for the grave yard. Its a large old grave yard with some very old graves but there are many were people are putting flowers on their loved ones graves and its like a ploughed field and the graves are a right mess and you need to struggle to get to the graves muddy wet and clumps of grass totally un cared for. Many churches have sheep or goats to tidy the grass. Many must be very sad as they try to keep their loved ones graves tidy. I find it very sad they have a responsibility to maintain for the yard and under Health & Safety could face charges. They claim the grave yard is closed but there are recant graves, they claim its run by local council but they deny this saying its the church

Peter David Child

Super exhibition of Prisoners Art and Poetry. Most inspiring. Architecture interesting with boxed pews and large side balconies. A bit out of the way. No parking.

Ruby Whitehurst

Very helpful. Mr Aston was so helpful. Helped to fill in gaps in my family tree. Love the history and family connection to St Peter's. Thankyou

Pringle Dingle

British history, love it !

Gary Dolman

Great Church


Congleton Parish, St. Peter's Church at (Cheshire East)
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