B&Q Crewe (Do-it-yourself shop)

Weston Rd, Crewe CW1 6BA, United Kingdom

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David Vardy

This is a large do it yourself shop. It has wide, well-signed aisles. There are plenty of staff on hand to ask questions of. The are lots of sale items, a wide variety of products and prices are competitive.

Andy Ford

Great B&Q! Plenty of stock every time I've been, very clean and tidy store too. Checkout area is great for distancing too. I prefer this B&Q to all other local stores


Went tonight around 6 pm. Security guard on door. asked to wear a mask, fine don't mind being asked, i in return asked for proof of LAW .... no response ... so i said in that case I'm afraid the answer is NO! Can i ask that B& Q provide security with proof and evidence of law, if they wish to make statement that requirement means Law....i know for a fact it does not....i have exemption, but I'm afraid I'm not willing to play the governments "game of lies" ANY further....so i WILL be demanding proof EVERY time I am stopped, the reason you get 5 stars...is because the security guard did not attempt to lie, and let me on my way! I don't mind abiding social distancing (not that i have to comply to it) I'm not overly keen on being close to people (bar my other half) anyway! SO please a polite reminder prove the law on demand, or become liable....ill leave it with your managers, as i don't feel it fair to blame "Staff" for what their "Highers'" are trying to pull!!! regardless of exemption, I also have to ask, by the way are you also handing out 3 ply face masks to people?....you know the ones that have been proven to be useless, not to mention contaminated if unsealed, and made in China? because even if you proved it law....afraid i still wouldn't wear one....i don't want to have to use courts as a first port of call....i leave that for "undesirables"....so if your reasonable as you have shown you can be....there's no need to worry! many thanks ;-)

Mike John (Da_Djay)

Just looking for a better toilet seat but didn't really find one. There was one that had a picture of a fish on the lid. 20 pounds. Okay, truth is I was only browsing with the possibility of buying something that penetrated my thoughts.


The store details don't tally with the website stock indications. I wanted a bathroom cabinet, which the website said there were 3 instock, but nothing on the shelf when we got to the store. Asked 1 member of staff who couldn't be less bothered, then I asked Michelle who was so polite and helpful and she found what I was after. The store itself was clean and tidy and it is usually easy to find what you're after with clearly marked aisles.


B&Q Crewe at (Cheshire East)
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