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2, Merchants House, Crook St, Chester CH1 2BE, United Kingdom

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Pauline Naylor

Yes its a helpful debt advice ctre suits me at 75 everyday gets harder to manage on just a state pension I have a family and grandchildren and I am classed as single Divorced 1981. Since then I have tried to get married again but not as lucky as my ex husband he's always had his second wife. So at 75 there's a need help from stepchange. They are helpful but difficult for the deaf or hard of hearing. Over telephones and there's a lot of paperwork to do yourself. Confusing. Better to just highlight debts on your bank account statements for a month or so and hopefully it will be easier to apply. Send securely. Or better still get a face to face appointment. That's my suggestion. Best wishes to all people that are struggling to cope.

Carmela Parisi

Stepchange has been a life saviour! After years of spending too much money and then separating from my partner , the debts had become out of my control. I was directed to Stepchange via united utilities as I was struggling to pay my bill as well as lots of other household bills They have been beyond helpful. I had a review of my incomings and outgoings, as well as my credit cards, loans and overdrafts After reviewing this they came up with a payment plan They contacted all my creditors. I didn't have to do anything. They took all the worry and stress away I have been paying this off for 5 years. I wont lie it hasn't been easy but now I have only 2 payments left and finish Jan 2021. The time has gone so quickly and I now see the light at the end of all of this debt I had Thanks you stepchange. You have been a light in the dark!! If you are feeling overwhelmed contact them, they are wonderful

simon richardson

A credit to StepChange These have changed my life and my approach to money. A few years back now, I went through a bad split up / divorce. After the divorce went through I was finding myself living on credit cards to pay normal bills which included my weekly food shop. It was like a vicious circle and all what was increasing was my debt. My divorce left me with over £50k of debt. Whilst blame could be assigned to both sides of the marriage, it was me who was solely left with it to pay back. I couldn’t cope to be honest and something had to change. Letters / final demands, even CCJ’s were ignored, all brushed under the carpet in the hope they’d go away. Bad mistake, all I did did was to put off the inevitable, if you’ve spent it you will have to pay it back. I went online to see what I could do to get me out of this predicament and cycle of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I found online the consumer credit council service who put me in contact with stepchange. This was a huge step for me as the main issue I had is that if I went through with this I wouldn’t be able to obtain credit in the future, obviously still in denial..: I gave myself a shake and worked out my budget based on “real”money I earned. I contacted stepchange who guided me through everything, worked through a plan and budgeted for everything I spent on a weekly / monthly basis. This particular budget covers everything from paying your mortgage to paying for dental care and the odd night out. At the end of the day you have to live... Stepchange take over the full debt and negotiate with your debtors in an aim to reduce the actual interest being paid. Once this has all been negotiated, the amount of disposable income is paid and then divided up so all the debtors are paid and then the balances start to come down. Using the online platform to view everything you owe and seeing this reduce on a monthly basis is amazing... Anyway this was all set up and approx 6 years later I get a fantastic card through the post. CONGRATULATIONS open it up and it states YOU’RE DEBT FREE I’m now a year in where I’m still 100% debt free and this will continue for a long long time. Thanks to you all at StepChange. You do amazing work and I’m so happy I found you to help me reach the ultimate goal of being debt free Thank you Simon Richardson Nantwich, Cheshire

Alasdair Blundell



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