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Kieran W

I would recommend Oliver D'sa to anyone who has never had a criminal defence solicitor and finds themselves in an unfortunate position to need one. Oliver D'sa tell you exactly what to expect and will always communicate over the phone and in writing.

Jason Neo

Do not use this Firm. 2 years ago I made a mistake as someone put their hands on me and I pushed them off resulting in them falling to the ground injuring their bum . I had a case of self defence and also provocation as this person I injured and their family were blackmailing me. At the time of this I had been diagnosed with cancer which the solicitors were aware . 2 weeks before the court case I had become very unwell so the doctor put a letter together to present to the court to delay case by a couple weeks. Letter was given to the firm who sat on it and only tried to deal with the day before resulting in the court denying our request. I was now faced with driving 2 and half hours from south London up to Leicester unwell. I arrived at court unwell but confident we would win the case with all the evidence put together . On arrival the person representing me called me in the a room and said you have money . My response was do you take card or cheque. Their response no only cash and if you haven’t got cash I’m going home. I did not have cash on me so they walked out the room with only 30 mins till my case. I had to run to a cash machine to pay 100.00 for them to stay. I was then advices plead guilty as the out come would not be harsh . I now in a panic as I had to run to get money and unwell listened and pleaded guilty resulting in a fine from the court. This firm treated me with no respect and played on my vulnerability. It’s 2 years on and I then hear from them via email to say I still owe 200.00 . I politely email reminding them of events that day but instead email me back making threats and demands and yesterday even receive a debt collection letter which I will resolve with the company but be warned this firm is under hand uncaring and out for a quick buck regardless of the result. I am now taking legal advice against this firm and also approached watch dog. Good luck to anyone using this firm as you will need it .

sentur surendran

Lack of communication from receptionist / who is Oliver D'sa. Visited the business for help with friends driving ban. Met Joann who is more qualified to be at this place. We were unsure of the procedures on our legal matters we had minimal communication after our 1st meeting. After our 1st meeting i was shocked to find a parking ticket at there car park. There receptionist promised to sort the matter which never happened. The Interior needs to improved. A few health and safety issues. I agree with all the bad reviews below. I would not be recommending this firm in the future.


A absolute amazing solicitor. Oliver did everything he could for my own personal case, I was on a serious section 18 assault with my brother. Their barrister Sean sullivan was amazing in the crown court, I did 4 months on remand looking at 8 years, I think personally he made it happen that I would be released the first day of my 4 day trial. Amazing company and assosciates.

Alex Kennedy

I agree with the post below. From my observations it is obvious that people who work at the firm are not treated properly. The interior of the building is disgusting and there should not be client files on the floor. This flouts confidentiality laws. Most of the people who work there are very nice, but they are bullied all the time. If this continues, people are not going to instruct the firm. It seems as if several people have had problems with the Firm ie Jason who wrote below me. When you instruct a Firm, they need to tell you of their rates up front and you also have the right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman. Most people who work there could do so much better.


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