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12 Abbey Gate, Leicester LE4 0AB, United Kingdom

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Jay Smith

I visited this store a few weeks ago with a member of my family we had a look around and spoke to the manager who at first didn't seem to happy to have customers in store. In his store, there are a range of beds, however none of them have the proper prices, they all state *mattress extra*. So I therefore asked the owner how much a few mattresses were, he replied 'oh 200 something....' I replied '200 something?' and he said 'yes but I need to look it up' I replied 'Can u?' he replied 'no it'll take too long, only if your going to buy the bed today'. I found this very rude and unhelpful... I told the manager I can't buy the bed today as another member of my family needs to have a look at a bed they want, as I wanted to buy two beds in total. So I therefore went back in to the store today, the owner again didn't seem to happy to see me and didn't offer any help or advice. I looked through all the beds and again asked him how much a few mattresses were. I asked about a particular mattress and the owner said they do not make a single size in this mattress, when I know they do as I saw it at another store. Anyway, as the owner told me the prices I wrote these down on my mobile phone, so I could work out a total. Just as I was doing this the owner said: ' Oh its all the same with you Asian People, you just come here to waste my time, we might as well not have a store if your going to buy it off the internet' I must say I was certainly shocked!! I had no intention of buying the bed off the internet, yet the owner said this to me. I have to say this was the worst customer service I have ever received; I hope this company does go out of business. The owner was so rude and inpolite. I would like to warn all members not to bother going to his shop or ordering from his site.


Beds 4 Everyone at (City of Leicester)
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