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Sarah Dowman

amazing experience. staff are friendly, welcoming & respectful. implant removal and new one inserted so fast I didn't even know my arm had gone numb! fantastic, professional & hygienic. thank you

Nikks Blikks

Was given appointment the following day, efficient and well managed but unfortunately the clinician that I met (advanced nurse practitioner) was quite condescending although I don’t believe that he meant to be. Gave him the benefit of the doubt and didn’t question it but being talked down to wasn’t needed especially considering that the nature of the problem when attending these clinics is very sensitive and that the majority of the people seeking help are vulnerable.

Mik P

David, Audrey and her competent trainee (sorry forgot your name) treated me with respect and professionalism. The humanity and genuine empathy of the staff is aspiring unlike other inept places of work. Anybody who disagrees should seek further psychological advice. The people make the place. And chocolates with your names on. Thanks always. 🙏🙏🙏

Andreia Andrade

The receptionist caused me harassment in front of other people. She doesn’t have manners to talk to a patient, instead she’s rude, and looks like a frustrated person who doesn’t have a clue how a receptionist in a health clinic should be. She definitely not get on well with foreign names.She also looks extremely psychological affected by Covid-19, which isn’t an excuse for the way I was treated.( She and other person next to her at the desk were shouting at me giving instructions like if they were talking to a slave.) Not nice at all! Very rude people. Brexit? In 20 years in this country never seen this attitude in a healthy care department. Apart from that rude, unfriendly and frustrated receptionist ,the nurse and consultant female that I saw were lovely.

magna solanki

Had a lovely nurse, Phillip, who helped get my implant out and made me feel comfortable and under safe hands, thank you so much :)


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