Kambo Essence Global Practitioners (KEGP) (Alternative medicine practitioner)

36 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU, United Kingdom

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Lesley Carol

I highly recommend Star's exceptional sound treatments. Star holds a beautiful, highest vibrational loving safe space for the rich tapestry of sounds (voice, gong, singing bowls, drum) to wash through your body and energy field. Your whole being is bathed in peace, harmony and bliss. This was my experience. Thankyou Star... Lesley Carol - Atlantis College of Cryatal, Reiki & Sound Healing

Kelly Hamilton

Completely privileged to have found Star on my earth and medicine journey. Kambo ceremonies are warm, inviting and a safe space for newcomers and veterans alike.

My Holistic Way

I never knew what to expect when I came to this work. Yet Haley made me feel safe and comfortable and I was able to really let go of the old person I was and become the version of myself that I have always wanted to be. I am very grateful for Haley to facilitate my process. I also enjoy her singing , it’s very healing and nurturing.

Rosamund Burrett

I literally cannot recommend Haley enough. I have had many different Kambo practitioners, but I would say that Haley is absolutely one of the best! The actual session could not have gone better, it was more than what I had hoped for. I felt heard, held and so cared for. I also experienced a sound healing, and I have never experienced such a profound healing, previous to this session, I had not felt particularly drawn to sound healing, that is definitely about to change. Haley is a born healer. I also want to say that Kambo has changed my life. This medicine has transformed my health and spirituality. I will definitely be booking a course of treatment.


Our experience with Haley and the medicine was powerful. The sacred space was set up appropriately and she clearly ran us through what to expect and how to prepare. I felt safe, cared for, and heard. The experience itself was powerful and releasing. I will have more sessions as the medicine is full and raw but more work wants to be done. Thank you Kambo Essence for facilitating something that is rare and difficult to have the opportunity to experience. Haley made it easy for us, communicated real well, and took care of everything so that we could dive deep and explore the experience without concern or fear. Instead, we felt loved, appreciated, and held.


Kambo Essence Global Practitioners (KEGP) at (City of London)
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