Lloyds Bank (Bank)

113-116 Leadenhall St, London EC3A 4AX, United Kingdom

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Have a perfect, swift and first-class customer experience at this branch. Ellen is a superstar who attends to my questions patiently and professionally. Would visit this branch more often during office lunch break ! Thank you Ellen once again (:

Red Topsy

Just went to Lloyds Bank at Leadenhall St to show my ID after registering with them online. The lady at the counter looked at me and asked me to wait as she was in the middle of counting money. This did not bother me too much although I have a limited lunch break and was hoping not to spend it entirely in the bank. I would have stopped counting the money and served the client, but this is me. When I told her the reason of my visit she takes the tablet and starts telling me that my data do not match the ID. I use the Ms title in all my documents, but on my ID it shows as Miss and apparently this is a problem for the bank -- not really sure why. When she comes to the city where I live she says it does not match. I explain that their system chooses the address and the city on my ID is the same as the city I selected in the application form. She says that this is not good and she cannot approve it. She cancels my application and tells me to do it again. I ask her if I can do it there on the counter and she says I have to do it on my phone it takes 10 minutes. I tried to tell her that I only have 15 minutes as I need to go back to work and the application takes longer than 10 minutes, but there was no way to get help. When on a side and started completing the application online - at the end it gave me an error and my lunch break was up by then. Really frustrated to find out that instead of only showing an ID, I was asked to spend all my time filling an application form without the customer service being able to help. Let's just call it a bad day -- and one less customer for Lloyds bank

Janet Wellman

Staff very helpful unfortunately down to lloyds bank the shortness of staff is appalling. City banks tend to be busier than most so therefore more staff are needed with more till points open.

Maggie Fitzsimmons

Do not go to this bank if you're an expat. Completely incompetent and unhelpful staff. They weren't accepting my address because the flat number wasn't written before the street. Legitimately picked up my stuff and walked to HSBC.

Fabrizio Silvestre

Awful customer service, the lady with long hair might have forgotten what basic customer service is


Lloyds Bank at (City of London)
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