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Thanks to SEVEN (and specifically my brilliant coach Hayley) I've made a monumental shift in my career. Hayley has helped me create positive changes in so many areas of life: from finding my strengths to identifying future goals, improving my attitude towards work and even creating a better work life-balance. The last year has been hard but the support and motivation of career coaching has really helped me navigate those trials and move forward when I felt stuck. I’m now back on the path to a fulfilling career and am finding joy in work again. Thank you SEVEN and thank you Hayley!

Lalitha B

I was fortunate to be able to work with Jen from SEVEN Career Coaching through my workplace corporate coaching programme. I’ve spoken to a few coaches before and Jen has by far been the best coach I have ever worked with. After only three sessions, I feel more confident, empowered and have a clearer sense of my career pathway. What I appreciated the most about my sessions is that when I struggled to find a solution or couldn’t articulate myself, Jen knew exactly how to probe, dig deeper and keep the conversation going. With the help of Jen’s coaching, I was able to have some difficult conversations at work and receive a promotion I was working towards. I highly recommend Jen for anyone looking for a career coach!

Richard Warp

My experience working with Cat at SEVEN was fantastic, and the coaching sessions were a great opportunity for me to re-align my goals and objectives, and make plans for a 'future me'. My professional life (and work life balance) being quite complex, she helped me to simplify my thinking and work out where I should focus my energies. I would highly recommend Cat and the coaching I received from SEVEN!

Catherine famedu

Before signing into the coaching program I read former clients’ testimonials and they talked about having transformations of thoughts and ideas in addition to being able to start or change careers or businesses. I must say I was a bit skeptical, but I am so glad that I decided to give coaching a chance. At the start, I had a good idea of what I wanted but had no clue where or how I would start my project and how I would go about implementing it. Once I made the decision to take up coaching with Seven Career Coaching, I was impressed by the professional set up -from the initial call to filling self assessment forms and finally being paired with a compatible coach who has guided , challenged and supported me over the last seven months. I really liked Coach Ann- Mari's structured approach starting with the exploration of values as these determine the decisions I make.She also helped me become more self aware of the distractions that limit my potential and how to deal with them. Through her guidance, I was able to not only clarify my goals but also the aims and objectives of my project and what kind of support it would be offering and to whom. From here it was relatively easy to develop the content and whenever I got stuck,Ann- Mari challenged me to consider different perspectives. I was also able to revise the time line for starting the project and this gave me the urgency I needed to make this project a reality. Having Ann- Mari as my coach made all the difference . She was friendly, resourceful and she understood the demands of my current job and when it was not possible to keep an appointment, she rescheduled it to a suitable mutually agreed time. I am delighted to say that after 9 sessions, I am very clear on the way forward. To anyone with an idea and not very clear how to proceed, coaching is the way to go. Thank you Ann- Mari. Thank you SEVEN Career Coaching.

D Toshi

This has been a life-changing experience for my career development. I have had five coaching sessions with Tracy who has the amazing ability and skills to identify what I want to achieve with my life goals and how I should define my career goal and next career step. Her approach is truly inspirational and very practical as well. I’m really satisfied with the career choice I made through conversations with her. This is beyond career development - Tracy is a life coach. I appreciate her support. I definitely recommend initiating a conversation with her.


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