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Derwent Drive, Unit 5 Derwent Howe Retail Park, Workington CA14 3YW, United Kingdom

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Mr Andrews

Frustrating experience at Curry’s Workington… Received money for Christmas and anniversary and wanted to buy a bean to cup coffee machine. Simple transaction, I hand the cash over, they hand the goods over. Found a well priced one that we liked (positive) then went to pay. Was told by a really nice gent (positive) that I was legally obligated to listen to the after sales care (insurance) packages, even though I had already observed these online and said I was ok, I just wanted the coffee machine. So I lost a minute of my life here (negative) as seemingly HAD to be told this, legally… not sure this is a legal obligation. I was then asked for personal details which, if avoidable, I prefer to keep private. However, was told I HAD to give my name, email and address for the benefit of the warranty. I said this wasn’t required as I would keep the receipt, but was told, again, that I HAD to hand this info over (another negative). Forceful sales tactics and unnecessary information gleaning let this place down. Great coffee maker though.

Loraine Bull

Manager very rude and abrupt faulty item that has been I the repair hub more times than my mother I law has had it now to be told unpairable and only giving 240 voucher when paid 430. Well complaint and Contacting head office as this is bad service and they are not accepting they messed up with the first repair and item is u fit for purpose etc . Lost all faith I currys as a company

Diana Madine

Lovely clean shop , plenty on display , friendly helpful staff

Bronwyn Mary B.

Returning items is a hard, tricky process The website is hard to navigate. Couldn't return in-store like it said online. (That was day 13 after the item arrived) so had to get someone to pick it u from home which was three days later. Then had to reschedule because couldn't find the return address. They just want to keep your money but if the website would have been helpful then I would've wanted to buy from them again. They just lost a customer.

Susanne GoneSkiing

Have you ever walked into a techie store and felt like nobody wanted to sell you anything even though the store was mostly empty, the staff was chatting away happily amongst themselves and drawing straws to figure out who would have to deal with the annoying people wanting to spend money? Welcome to Currys Workington. I am a nice person and awestruck when faced with superior knowledge of all things tech and hey, if I trust you, I'll buy the product, but even I get a little irritated when I have to approach a group of 3 sales people in their late teens while they are sniggering. When I walked over to ask for advice (I am not shy or embarrassed to admit that I am not an expert when it comes to tech!), I was amazed to see that they actually tried to hide behind each other and pushed one of their group in front (I guess he had the short straw) to deal with the "situation". Needless to say we purchased our cameras on Amazon.


Currys at (Cumbria)
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