Lilybank Hamlet (Assisted living facility)

Chesterfield Rd, Matlock DE4 3DQ, United Kingdom

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keith schofield

After working in health and social care for over 20 years, seeing how much effort is being put in to enrich the lives of the people they support here is really heartwarming. The residents are encouraged to take part in so many fun activities which are low impact but fulfilling which really does give the service a feather in its cap and sets it apart from other residential services.

Joanne Hirjo

Kind caring staff who do their best to keep the residents' spirits up. My father in law spent several months there and the staff was always helpful and gave us as much contact as they could in the difficult lockdown circumstances. They also regularly post photos on their Facebook group so family members can see their loved ones and what they have been up to. I have experience of various care homes through seeing different family members looked after and can honestly say lilybank Hamlet is one of the best. That includes some very fancy private care homes too.

Maria Kulisic

My sister is in lily bank and I'm not impressed with it or staff. My sister is often unkempt when I visit. Facial hair visible. Hair not clean. Personal hygiene not done. They are mostly short staffed. Last week a resident who is quite elderly was left to eat a slice of pizza. Quite difficult when you have no teeth. The resident kept leaning forward and at one stage her forehead was lying on the pizza that she couldn't eat. I mentioned it to staff and was told " Oh she often dies that " I often see staff sat in there office chatting while residents are just sitting staring onto space. No staff interaction. Very sad.

Peter Kulisic


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