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43 Bakewell Rd, Matlock DE4 3AU, United Kingdom

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Rachel Metcalfe

The food was OK but am absolutely appalled at how when entering there was at least 20 kids aged between 15 and I say 17 only less than half of them not eating, there was a young lad working doing his best to keep the area tidy. When they got up to leave they threw food on the floor and laughed and hurled abuse at him as they left. Whilst this was carrying on two members of management were stood in the back just watching in the back until they left. As it is management I'm really disgusted with I will be taking this higher absolutely disgusted with how the young lad had to put up with this behaviour.

eliza pegg

Bad!Place! I went here with my 3 kids and they gave me chicken in my burger! I am not eating chicken, sorry I don't eat it. They always get my order wrong I don't think I have ever gotten a fully correct order at this Macdons! Going to gourmet burger kitchen instead sorry I'm on the way there now on the motorway.

Nyla Fatima

We went for a quick visit as we were in the area. We used the drive-thru and it was not too busy. The staff were very friendly and directed us to one of the waiting bays as food would be a while. I think they were still preparing it, which is nice as it means it would be somewhat fresh. Would recommend a visit.


Milkshake machine out of order so I ordered a small Diet Coke and then gave us one large diet Coke and one small diet Coke and the guy said that we've paid for them so we might as well take them. People behind us in the drive thru were getting impatient because we wanted a refund on the large diet Coke.

Isaac Walbank

Being a big fat rotund plump stout boy, I LOVE my food, especially McDonald’s. This is the first time eating at this McDonald and I am unsure about my return… First off, I have to say 18 out of 20 of my chicken nuggets were spectacular but the other two… don’t even get me started! However I am fairly happy about the 90% nugget success rate. My two quarter pounders were bang average, just what you expect really. Then my two large fries were heavily salted which made my mouth sore but that might be a joint effort from something else 😏. To wash all this down, my large coke and vanilla milkshake did a good job at that. Overall I needed to order more as my bobdingnagian belly was still rumbling after an alright feast and it was meh. May be returning in the near future.


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