Nottingham Rebels Baseball Ground (Baseball club)

Hall Park 8LF, Bulwell, Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Where is Nottingham Rebels Baseball Ground?

Opinions of Nottingham Rebels Baseball Ground at (City of Nottingham)

Melanie Powell

Took my youngest daughter there to play on exercise equipment, played on the park for a little time too! I thought it could of done with some play things on it as some stuff could of done with a refresh. My daughter still liked it!

Anthony Horan

Nice for walks and the kids can play on the the small gym.

Jacey Melody

Beautiful place! Child & dog love it here!

Monika awx

I love the play ground there. Nice place

Kevin Moore

Sorry but I only drove past, and didn't know it was there. I will pay more attention next time.


Nottingham Rebels Baseball Ground at (City of Nottingham)
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