Perry Higgins (Antique store)

Stanley Buildings/Bangor Rd, Penmaenmawr LL34 6LF, United Kingdom

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Emmeline Martin

Shockingly and needlessly rude!!! We made a special journey with our parents to spend well and kit out our new house... We hadn't even got over the threshhold when the lady SHOUTS "you are not bringing that pram in here". We agreed that we had no intention push it about the shop, but she wouldnt even let us park it just inside the door just waved arms and said no no no huffing about..So me and the baby stood outside in the rain. So i wondered about wheelchair access.??!!!

Karl Hague

I bought two antique keys which I was really happy with also a few collectable matchbox’s , pleasant conversation with a very helpful lady .

Graziella Divito

Unbelievably rubbish shopping experience. My husband and I had taken photos and noted prices of the items we wanted to purchase but the female working there couldn't be bothered with us. She said she'd have to do an inventory and we'd have to come back tomorrow because she's closing in 10 minutes at 4pm (it says 4.30 closing on Google). We told her we couldn't return tomorrow as we are travelling back to the Midlands and she couldn't have cared less, she was closing early with no apology, utterly rude woman! We went back to our hotel and totted up what we would've spent in her shop, a total of £783! Your loss Perry Higgins, we'll spend our money elsewhere and would recommend other vintage/antique buyers do the same, this shop doesn't deserve your custom. REVIEW UPDATE. Regarding your attempt to belittle us due to my review, lying about us is very weak and your colleague clearly doesn't remember us well at all. We in no way whatsoever were intimidating (why would a customer do that?) we were actually the opposite, we said hello to her and she completely ignored us which is incredibly rude but we let that go at the time. Each time we asked for more information she was moody too. Making up absolute nonsense about your customers will not help your business one iota and checking your reviews six months later just solidifies how appalling your view of your customers is and how little you care about what they think. The same goes for arguing with everyone who leaves a review which you don't like, rather than apologising you are extremely rude!

Barry Birchall

Great place to find a bargain. Owners had always been pleasant so no issues there for mr

Youri And Sam

Just the rudest “service” we have ever had in a shop. After we walked out because of this we checked this business out online and had a good laugh at the reviews And responses from the owner. We are flabbergasted at the way you speak to customers and potential customers. Please go on a course where you might learn how to speak to people. The place itself is kind of cool. It’s very spacious with a lot of products. Even though a foot stool we were looking at still had dog hairs in it, we were okay with this. The unfriendly welcome and reaction when we wanted to negotiate a price was just unbelievable. She then continued to call us cheeky and pointed out that this was not that kind of shop. Fantastic attitude :) Good luck with your business. Keep up the good work!


Perry Higgins at (Conwy County Borough)
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