Cherry Blossom Care Home (Assisted living facility)

Warwick Rd, Peterborough PE4 6DE, United Kingdom

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Miss Mac

I would NOT recommend if your loved one does not have capacity. There always seemed a shortage of staff for 51 residents on the dementia floor. There are volatile & violent male and females patients who are able to wander into any room. My sister was pinched hard by one female entering his room on a visit and I had an encounter with another lady on my visit, for 15 mins she was very volatile towards dad & I, staff did try to remove her but gave up in the end! My dad was constantly covered in bruises from day one of his stay. No towels or flannels are left in patients en-suite, so when I found dad bleeding one day he was using paper towels to wipe his legs down, alerted staff and when asked where flannels and towels were they said they don't keep them in the en-suites! A fall with a head injury was ignored until GP instructed ambulance 4 days later due to the medication dad was on. We were told in a meeting that there is a doctor on site (not the case). I feel the Manager just gives lip service and has poor communication skills, we were constantly chasing them up, the rules are made up as she goes along. I don't feel the staff get to know the health issues of patients so you’re constantly having to tell them what to look out for. Two water infections ignored said they couldn’t get water samples from dad yet we did in 10 mins of being there! Personal belongings always being looted from his room i.e. wheelchair, walking frame, shaver, three pairs of slippers and laundry lady putting XL sized clothes being put in his drawers when he was a size medium and all his clothes labelled! Sad that paying £1100 a week and you can’t even get to wear your slippers!! Found soiled sheets and trashed room on on more than one occasion, spoke to the Manager and showed photos and said is that what we pay £1100 a week for, she agreed it wasn't acceptable. Was told that all his pictures would be put up by a maintenance man and that never happened so I took them back home realising they would probably be taken from his room like everything else! Asked for dad to go into nursing care in week 2 of his stay as was very concerned about him, but told NO by the Manager. Cherry Blossom staff were hostile on the day we removed him saying they had a nursing care floor and he could have gone up there! Proves they only wanted to know when they were losing £££££'s. Dad lost 4.5 kilos in 3.5 weeks I know he wasn't being helped with food & drinks. He also told us that he wanted a coffee on various visits but we couldn't find anyone to make one. Thorpe Wood Care home knew without meeting my dad that he needed nursing care! Its a very depressing atmosphere on the 1st floor no music for the residents who all look very sad and just wander up and down the corridors. My loved one went in walking and talking and in 4 weeks was just a shell not able to do anything for himself. Heart-breaking to think of the neglect he went though when we trusted them to care for him. He passed 12 days after leaving Cherry Blossom, thankfully in a lovely care home where they gave him the dignity he deserved. I didn’t want to give any stars but had to put one to leave review. When I asked a friend of a friend for an opinion about Cherry Blossom (lady who's high up in Care industry) she described the place as a “polished turd”. Just which I had known before he went in.

Kay Goodliffe

My partner spent the last three months of his life there. Albeit difficult to assess properly due to lockdown, I always found the staff I had communication with to be very caring and was happy he was being well looked after. I was very glad that he had that time there, just wish he could have had much longer. Lovely, super helpful receptionist too.

Joanne Sharpe

Would be zero stars but that's not an option. DO NOT SEND YOUR FOLKS HERE. The staff are incredibly rude and do not seem to do their job efficiently or even remotely well. Furthermore possessions of my mothers have been lost and upon moving my mother to another home possessions had been returned to us that aren't even hers! The clothes we received back were stained horrifically and smelled disgusting.

Armor of Light

The staff at The Cherry Blossom looked after my mum Stella "Star" Baker during her last couple of weeks of her life, they also looked after her children to a undescribable professionally high standard. They are amazing people who i will never forget. Love from Ian in Wales.

sfud ,

Janet Green is spot on, visited a friend who needed help when we got there no staff in sight after walking all round looking for someone thought only way is to ring emergency bell no one came for at least 10 mins then it seemed to be too much trouble. They say they are caring, what a load of rubbish.


Cherry Blossom Care Home at (City of Peterborough)
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